GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy Is Changing Its Image 

Let me be blunt: I came into this review with the opposite of a soft spot for GoDaddy.

After all, they made their name from Super Bowl ads, bikinis, and controversy in the past.

But when I looked at their services recently, despite my previous aversion to them, I was pleasantly surprised.

It appears that godaddy website builder review has embarked on a new brand image of late.

From a marketing perspective, I think they realized that using scantily-clad women to sell domain names was only going to get them so far.

GoDaddy, in fact, released their 2017/18 statistics in which significant improvements have been made in gender diversity along with pay-on-the-dollar compared to average male salaries – another pleasant surprise.

So, to their credit, GoDaddy stepped back and took a hard look in the mirror and decided to reinvent their brand.

GoDaddy Now Targets Small Businesses

These days, GoDaddy strives to be the best web host for small businesses.

Gone are the celebrity spokesmodels. Instead, GoDaddy’s inventing products and services priced within reach for entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses and startups.

A variety of functional features on offer ensure an appealing service to the aforementioned entrepreneur demographic — all at fairly reasonable price.